Plantagon moves food and food production into the city by implementing technical solutions into existing city infrastructure. In practical terms that means using existing assets and real estate with lower need for capital investments.

Plantagon uses turnkey symbiotic solutions to develop large industrial food production systems. These systems turn excess heat, biomass and even CO2 emissions into assets for local food production.

Plantagon’s solutions are not entirely industrial in a traditional sense. We combine industrialized urban farming with real estate development, and create esthetical projects for the urban environment.

Plantagon can create new buildings and also add value to existing real estate by integrating its unique solutions that combines food production with architecture.

Plantagon calls this process Agritechture.

Plantagon develops, implements and operates – creating green spaces in urban environments while adding value to surrounding real estate.



Combining the physical, biological, economic and social conditions for successful and productive agriculture solutions in urban environments


Applying existing technologies and developing new innovative ways to create efficient processes, systems and solutions for sustainable urban agriculture


Developing esthetical and functional real estate solutions that integrate within the urban infrastructure


A unique way of combining urban agriculture, innovative technical solutions and architecture to meet the demand for efficient food production within cities.