Business Rationale

With more than 67% of the world expected to exist in cities by 2050, the strain on the food, energy and water system is increasing at an unsustainable rate.

Plantagon’s Agritechture solutions address these challenges in view of the following:


• Direct access to a large local population consuming fresh produce daily.

As long as cities import food and have the existing empirical losses towards inventory, storage, logistics, fossil fuels and other losses that go unaccounted for, an efficient urbanised agricultural system will always be in demand. From a demographic perspective, basic food remains a basic need. 100% clean food today might be sold at a premium, but with industrial urban food production, clean food might just be a very healthy alternative to any growing urban economy.


• Real estate with integrated urban agriculture solutions will increase in attractiveness and value.

Real estate developers all over the world are focusing on the demand for more green buildings to increase the attractiveness and value of property. In addition, policies and regulations across the world are being implemented by governments to increase the sustainability standards of buildings. Therefore, the real estate market is now focusing on optimising water, energy and waste management systems in buildings. By adding food production to this equation they also produce green healthy food and oxygen, which enhances the air quality in any real estate product (offices, industrial or residential units).


• Cities around the globe have set targets to increase sustainability and seek innovative solutions to reduce the strain on existing infrastructure and resources.

Plantagon’s resilient food systems minimise the need for land, water, energy and pesticides. The environmental impact is very low and when food is delivered directly to consumers in the city, transportation costs are reduced to a minimum.