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The Onondaga Nation is a member of the Haudenosaunee (“People of the Long House”), an alliance of native American united for a thousand years. Also referred to as the Iroquois Confederacy or Six Nations, the Haudenosaunee consists of the Mohawk, Oneida, Cayuga, Seneca, Tuscarora and Onondaga Nation.


Since the spring of 2000 until the beginning of 2008, Swecorp Citizenship® AB connected engineering and expertise within Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Citizenship. Founded by Hans Hassle (today Secretary-General of Plantagon) and Göran Pettersson (today Vice Chairman of Plantagon Non-Profit Association), within this field of expertise they offered analysis, guidance for policy decision-making, education, implementation of policies, monitoring and management consulting. Swecorp also developed projects focusing on developing energy efficient solutions together with corporations and other large organizations. Since beginning of 2008 Swecorp is no longer active but remains minority owner of Plantagon.


The Companization Plantagon was founded by Swecorp and Onondaga Nation under the advise of Hans & Karin Hassle, Oren R. Lyons and the innovator Åke Olsson.


Professor Oren R. Lyons, Faithkeeper, Onondaga Nation, New York State. Member of the Onondaga Nation Council of Chiefs of the Six Nations of the Iroquois Confederacy. Oren R. Lyons is recognized not only in the United States and Canada but internationally as an eloquent and respected spokesperson on behalf of Native peoples and has received numerous honors and awards. He is a sought-after international lecturer and participant in forums, focusing not only on American Indian traditions, but Indian law and history, human rights, environment and interfaith dialogue. Prof. Lyons is the author of numerous books including Exiled in the Land of the Free; Democracy, Indian Nations, and the U.S. Constitution; as well as Voice of Indigenous Peoples (1992), and Native People Address the United Nations (1994).

Oren R. Lyons served as the Chairman of Plantagon International AB from January 2008 until May 2016. He is now Chairman of the Plantagon International Association Board of Directors.


Hans Hassle has more than 30 years of experience in the business sector and for 15 years served as CEO of Swedish communication agency Vision and Reality Communication AB in Stockholm. Since 1986, Hans has been a pioneer of Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and together with his wife Karin Hassle runs his own management company evolution? AB. He developed early strategical tools for Corporate Citizenship and Brand Management analyzing values and daily practices connected to brand strategy. Hans was appointed by the Swedish Government to the Ethical Committee of Karolinska Medical Institute in Stockholm (Regionala Etikprövningsnämnden vid Karolinska Institutet). evolution? AB runs social business in Burma, invests knowledge capital in social enterprise, educates leaders in sustainable leadership as well as assists organisations in implementation of the Companization governance model. In 2012, Hans Hassle became an official member of the World Entrepreneurship Forum and joined the Forum’s Think Tank as one of 88 members. Hassle was in 2010 and 2011 nominated Sustainable Leader of the Year by the Swedish Association of Environmental Managers and In 2012, he was awarded CEO of the Year, Sweden by European CEO as well as put on the World Finance 100 list in 2012. Hassle is co-author of the Global Compact Research Report Sweden published by UN Global Compact in 2004 and Author of the book “Business as Usual is over”, published in 2012. Hans Hassle served as CEO of Plantagon International AB from January 2008 until May 2016. He served as Secretary General of Plantagon International Association until October 2018. He is currently (October 2018) moving into several board positions in the Plantagon Group. 2016 Hassle was appointed member of ADC Forum Advisory Council.


Åke Olsson, Innovator of the Plantagon Greenhouse concept, is an educated gardener and construction worker, blacksmith, mechanic and a farmer for 15 years. Åke was one of Sweden’s leading small-scale producer of ecological vegetables, wheat, corn, herbs, medical plants and decoration flowers. During Åke’s adult life he has been looking for, and developing, ideas that help mankind to take better care of each other and the Earth. So far, Åke’s innovations mainly concern sustainable development of transportation, housing, medical care, energy and planting. Åke challenges people who say things have to stay as they are, and instead look far into the future while reflecting on the consequences of how we choose to live today. “If we got ourselves here, we can get ourselves out of here!”, is one of his often used statements. Åke lives together with his wife Barbara in Oppdal, a Norwegian town north of the Capital Oslo. During his many years of professional planting, he experimented with the foundations for the Plantagon Greenhouse together with his team member Jan Andersson.