The Companization

Our governance model assumes the effectiveness of the company and at the same time creates a balance between economic forces and social responsibility. We call it the Companization®, a hybrid between a for-profit company and an association open for all.

Global business has become the most influential institution in society. The corporate structure and its legislation are not prepared for this role yet. There is obviously a need to create companies going beyond profit as the main reason to exist, and certainly also going beyond even the sustainability imperative.

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Closure Right – Our “generation share”

The Closure Right gives the descendants of the holder the right to share the profit in the distribution of Plantagon Non-profit Association’s benefits in the event of a sale of Plantagon International AB. However only when the Closure Right has been transferred from generation to generation six times or more.

This way, Plantagon demonstrates a unique way to share the growth value of the company, which promotes that you as an individual take responsibility for your future generations.

We economically reward individual commitment to build our corporate value on a long term perspective. Plantagon Non-profit Association is open for everyone believing that companies, people and communities must work together to solve the challenges of feeding the cities of tomorrow.

Plantagon Non-profit Association owns 10% of the company and has the right and the responsibility to elect 50% of the company board members.

Plantagon may be the first opportunity to influence a large company from the inside without being an employee, a manager or an investor – but by being socially engaged in it’s mission.