Plantagon International AB Board
Sidney Hill
Sidney HillChairman
Tadodaho Sidney Hill, representing the main owner Onondaga Nation, is the chairman of the Board for Plantagon International AB. The term Tadodaho is used by the Haudenosaunee, the Iroquois, to refer to the most influential spiritual leader; it has been used in this way for centuries. Tadodaho is the spiritual leader of the Haudenosaunee, Six Nations that includes the Cayuga, Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Seneca, and Tuscarora people. The post is also called the “Head Chief of All the Six Nations”. He presides over the Grand Council of the Haudenosaunee (also called Iroquois). The Great Council Fire of the Iroquois is still located within the Onondaga Nation in present-day New York State.

Along with other Indigenous American leaders, Tadodaho is responsible for maintaining the history of the Haudenosaunee people. The position of Tadodaho is a lifetime appointment. According to tradition, when the previous Tadodaho dies, a council of chiefs from the Haudenosaunee chooses a leader from the Onondaga Nation.

In 2002, Sidney Hill was selected as the Tadodaho. He has been active in land claim cases in New York, by which the Iroquois nations have sought return or compensation for lands they were forced to cede to New York in the aftermath of the American Revolutionary War. The federal courts have upheld some land claim cases.

In 2005, Hill led a group from Onondaga Nation to file papers in United States federal court claiming land ownership over 4,000 square miles (10,000 km2) in Upstate New York. The e ownership assertion by the Onondaga Nation included land along Lake Ontario from the Thousand Islands through Syracuse, to the border of Pennsylvania, and including Onondaga Lake. Hill wanted to highlight the desire of his people to see Onondaga Lake restored to environmental health.

In May 2013, Tadodaho Hill sent a letter to several Iroquois communities in an effort to guide their relation to the Confederacy and its traditional principles.

Michele Di Dato
Michele Di DatoMember
Michele Di Dato has extensive experience from the advertising industry and is the owner of Brand Emotional Response Group (BERG) in Stockholm. BERG is one of few Swedish advertising agencies who have been rated AAA by Dun & Bradstreet. Michele Di Dato has a long background in management and leadership and has held several positions as director both within the private and public sector as well as the voluntary sector. Michele Di Dato is a former professional ice hockey player and professional manager and has served as the sports manager for Djurgården Hockey. He now devotes much of his free time promoting good sportsmanship built on moral and ethical values within the sports movement. Michele Di Dato has served as Member of the Plantagon International AB Board of Directors since January 2008.
Vincent Johnsson
Vincent JohnssonMember
Vincent Johnson, Chief, Onondaga Nation Council of Chiefs has been a Member of the Corporate Board since 2008.

The entire Haudenosaunee (Six Nations Confederacy) has 50 chiefs. The chiefs are all considered to have an equal voice. To show that they are leaders, the Peacemaker placed the antlers of the deer on the Gustoweh (headdress) of every Hoyane. When in council, every chief has an equal responsibility and equal say in the matters of the Haudenosaunee.

It is the responsibility of the chiefs to look forward seven generations to the future in making decisions. The chief titles originate from the original 50 leaders’ names from long ago. Each chief works with his Clan Mother and their clan. In council they are the voice of the people.

The Hoyane at the Onondaga Nation is divided into three separate benches. When an issue comes before the council, each bench of Hoyane all must agree before passing their decision to the next bench. When a decision by council has been passed, it comes with the backing of all three benches in agreement and is said that the chiefs are all “Of One Mind.”

Göran Pettersson
Göran PetterssonMember
Göran Pettersson left his position as CEO for the Red Cross Center for Development to become one of the founders and owners of SWECORP Citizenship AB. For many years he worked within the voluntary sector and was the first Chairman of the Board for The World’s Children’s Prize for the Rights of the Child.
Since 2003 Göran is General Secretary for Forum for Voluntary Social Work in Sweden. He was appointed as the 4th most influential leader within the Swedish CSR-community by reputed magazine ”CSR i Praktiken”.
Plantagon Agritechture AB
Hans Hassle
Hans HassleChairman
Hans Hassle has more than 30 years of experience in the business sector and for 15 years served as CEO of Swedish communication agency Vision and Reality Communication AB in Stockholm. Since 1986, Hans has been a pioneer of Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and together with his wife Karin Hassle runs his own management company evolution? AB. He developed early strategical tools for Corporate Citizenship and Brand Management analyzing values and daily practices connected to brand strategy. Hans was appointed by the Swedish Government to the Ethical Committee of Karolinska Medical Institute in Stockholm (Regionala Etikprövningsnämnden vid Karolinska Institutet). evolution? AB runs social business in Burma, invests knowledge capital in social enterprise, educates leaders in sustainable leadership as well as assists organisations in implementation of the Companization governance model. In 2012, Hans Hassle became an official member of the World Entrepreneurship Forum and joined the Forum’s Think Tank as one of 88 members. Hassle was in 2010 and 2011 nominated Sustainable Leader of the Year by the Swedish Association of Environmental Managers and In 2012, he was awarded CEO of the Year, Sweden by European CEO as well as put on the World Finance 100 list in 2012. Hassle is co-author of the Global Compact Research Report Sweden published by UN Global Compact in 2004 and Author of the book “Business as Usual is over”, published in 2012. Hans Hassle served as CEO of Plantagon International AB from January 2008 until May 2016. He is now Secretary General of Plantagon International Association. 2016 Hassle was appointed member of ADC Forum Advisory Council.
Interview about the book “Business as usual is over”.
Read Hans personal blog “Business As Usual is Over“.
Soud Ba’alawy
Soud Ba’alawyMember
Soud Ba’alawy is Founder and Executive Chairman of Enspire. Ba’alawy has more than 25 years of experience in banking and investments. From 2000 to 2010 he was Executive Chairman of the Dubai Group. During the period 2011-2015 he founded Anwaar Majan and Enspire. Ba’alawy currently holds numerous international board positions, including in the Noor Investment Group, Noor Bank, Noor Takaful and Palico. He was previously Vice President of Citibank’s Gulf Treasury in Dubai, Chief Investment Officer of Dubai Internet City and Vice President of The Executive Office (of H.H. Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, Vice President of the UAE and the Ruler of Dubai). Previous board positions include NASDAQ OMX, Dubai Financial Market, Emirates Investment Authority, Etisalat, Du and more. He has led several milestone acquisitions and significant strategic investments for Dubai and is a frequent speaker and advisor in public forums.
Lamia Boukhris
Lamia BoukhrisMember
Lamia Boukhris is Chief Strategy Officer of Enspire. Enspire’s Chief Strategy Officer Lamia Boukhris has extensive experience in investment banking, strategy, funding and restructuring. Previously Lamia Boukhris acted as the Head of DCM at Tabreed, the world’s largest District Cooling Company, where she lead the capital optimization program, restructuring corporate debt as well as raising project finance for individual projects. As a member of the Dubai Holding team, Lamia was also responsible for raising debt for the organisation’s operating companies including Jumeirah, Tecom, Dubai Properties Group and EIT. In the Dubai Group investment team Lamia was analysing venture capital projects as well as asset acquisitions within the Agriculture, Healthcare, Construction and Aviation sectors. Lamia also has investment banking experience from Shuaa Capital, leading the valuation exercise for upcoming IPOs and private placements for Air Arabia, DP World, Deyaar and Gulf Navigation. She holds an MBA from EDHEC University, France, and a Masters in Business from University Paris Dauphine.
Sten Lundqvist
Sten LundqvistMember
Sten Lundqvist has 40 years of experience from the IT-, insurance- and telecom industry. Sten has worked as CFO and CEO and has a long background in management and leadership. He has also lived and worked in USA and has established a global management consultancy company focused on wireless communication. Today Sten is a senior advisor and board member of two regional insurance companies.
Michele Di Dato
Michele Di DatoMember
Michele Di Dato has extensive experience from the advertising industry and is the owner of Brand Emotional Response Group (BERG) in Stockholm. BERG is one of few Swedish advertising agencies who have been rated AAA by Dun & Bradstreet. Michele Di Dato has a long background in management and leadership and has held several positions as director both within the private and public sector as well as the voluntary sector. Michele Di Dato is a former professional ice hockey player and professional manager and has served as the sports manager for Djurgården Hockey. He now devotes much of his free time promoting good sportsmanship built on moral and ethical values within the sports movement. Michele Di Dato has served as Member of the Plantagon International AB Board of Directors since January 2008.
Plantagon International Association Board
Oren R. Lyons
Oren R. LyonsCo-Founder and Chairman
Professor Oren R. Lyons, Faithkeeper, Onondaga Nation, New York State. Member of the Onondaga Nation Council of Chiefs of the Six Nations of the Iroquois Confederacy. Oren R. Lyons is recognized not only in the United States and Canada but internationally as an eloquent and respected spokesperson on behalf of Native peoples and has received numerous honors and awards. He is a sought-after international lecturer and participant in forums, focusing not only on American Indian traditions, but Indian law and history, human rights, environment and interfaith dialogue. Prof. Lyons is the author of numerous books including Exiled in the Land of the Free; Democracy, Indian Nations, and the U.S. Constitution; as well as Voice of Indigenous Peoples (1992), and Native People Address the United Nations (1994). Oren R. Lyons served as the Chairman of Plantagon International AB from January 2008 until May 2016. He is now Chairman of the Plantagon International Association Board of Directors.
Margaret M. Towle
Margaret M. TowleMember
Margaret M. Towle, CIMA®, CPWA®, Financial Advisor, is Managing Director-Wealth Management/Senior Portfolio Manager and Global Institutional Consulting at Merrill Lynch. Working out of the Bainbridge Island, Washington office, she offers investment advisory services to ultra high-net-worth individual and institutional clients, including foundations & endowments, retirement plans and family offices.

Margaret has over 30 years experience in the industry as an asset manager and advisor, including her role as executive vice president and CIO at Northern Trust Global Advisors, where she was responsible for managing assets in excess of $25 billion across all asset classes, including alternative investments and as Director of Research at a multi-family office advisory firm. Her areas of specialties include Outsourced CIO, Asset Allocation, Alternative Investments, and Impact Investing.

Margaret was nominated and recognized as “Top 50 Women in Wealth Management” and is the recipient of IMCA’s Stephen L. Kessler Writing Award. She is a founding board member of the Center for Women and Democracy at the University of Washington, and an angel investor in 100 Women in Hedge Funds. She served on IMCA’s board of directors from 2009 to 2014 and is Editor-in-Chief of the “Journal of Investment Consulting” and the “Investments & Wealth Monitor” editorial advisory board. She is a member of the investment committee of the YWCA Seattle/King/Snohomish. Margaret is Editor of Masters of Finance: Interviews with Some of the Greatest Minds in Investing and Economics (2014) and has appeared on CNBC and Bloomberg.

Margaret earned BA, MA, and PhD degrees, with emphasis in political economy and public finance, from the University of Washington-Seattle. She was a Kaufman Fellow at the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership and completed the Executive Education Program in Risk Management at the Booth School of Business University of Chicago and completed post-graduate studies in quantitative methods at the University of Michigan- Ann Arbor.

Michael Roux
Michael RouxMember
Michael Roux has had a leading role in both government and business circles in Australia and internationally for more than 40 years. He has demonstrated leadership, initiative, business acumen and entrepreneurship using his expertise in management and organisation to build and create major changes and reform. He was responsible for reform of major government entities in the late 80’s and early 90’s and was responsible for managing the Victorian Government’s corporatisation and privatisation (value of sales $37 Billion) program in the early to mid 90’s. This included the restructure, corporatisation, renewal of contracts and privatisation of various entities in the delivery of electricity, gas, horse racing and gambling, water, transport and ports.

Michael Roux is Chairman, Roux International and Senior Adviser to an associated group of companies, including Dragon Tree Capital. He was previously Director and Chairman, KPMG Asian Markets; Vice-Chairman, Citigroup; Director, Deutsche Asset Management; Director; Deutsche Bank Australia; Chairman, VicSuper Pty Ltd; Chairman, Victorian Superannuation Board; Director, Victorian Funds Management Corporation; Director, Local Authorities Superannuation Board; Executive Director, Office of State-Owned Enterprises and Deputy Secretary, Department of Treasury (Vic); Director, Office of Trade and Investment and Director-General, Ministry of Employment and training.

He is Founder, ADC Forum (Australian Davos Connection); Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Rwanda to Australia; Advisor to the President of the Republic of Rwanda; Member of the Presidential Advisory Council, Rwanda; Honorary Associate, King’s College London; Member, Asialink Advisory Council; Advisor and Ambassador with the World Economic Forum over 2 decades and Member, Yale Center for Environmental Law & Policy.

He was previously Chairman, Victorian Opera; Director, VicUrban; Director, Great Barrier Reef Research Foundation; Director, Urban Land Authority; Director, Bell Shakespeare Company; Director, Heide Museum of Modern Art; Director, St James Ethics Centre; Honorary Fellow at Faculty of Business & Economics, Monash University; Chairman, Advisory Board Centre of Astrobiology, Macquarie University; Member, India Advisory Committee; Chairman, MyInternet Ltd; Director, NextEd Ltd; Member, Committee Barclays Global Investment Company; Advisor, Russell Company; Member, Opera Australia; Deputy Secretary, Department of Treasury; Honorary Treasurer, Camberwell Grammar School; Director, State Library; Chairman, Accident Compensation Commission; Director, Victorian Accident Rehabilitation; Honorary Trustee CEDA; Executive Chairman, Transport Accident Commission; Chairman/Managing Director, Road Traffic Authority; Chairman, Motor Accident Board; Chairman, Government Housing Authority and Research Fellow, Flinders University.

Magnus Hjelmare
Magnus HjelmareMember
Magnus has 25 years of experience from marketing and communication and has been involved in the build up of one of Plantagon’s founding companies Swecorp.
During his career Magnus has worked with different industries in a variety of positions including CEO, Marketing & Sales Manager, Brand Director and Service Delivery Manager.

Magnus is the chairman of the education committee of the branch organization KOMM (Swedish Association of Communications Agencies) and in that capacity he started a network for Swedish agency leaders focused on personal- and business development of the agency.

Today Magnus is CEO of BERG, a small brand agency working with all sectors and focused on the integration of the brand and business strategy.

Sepehr Mousavi
Sepehr MousaviMember
Sepehr is a sustainability professional competent within areas of multidisciplinary planning, urban ecology, standardization as well as smart cities, energy-water-food (-waste) nexus and social responsibility. Holding two Masters degrees in Agroecology and Business Administration, multinational background and working experiences; all together provide him with an overall understanding of our global sustainability challenges for framework development and implementation of innovative solutions in urban settings with a systemic and holistic approach.

Sepehr joined Plantagon’s core team of professionals as an active member and ambassador and currently serves as Board Member of Plantagon Non-Profit Association.
He chairs the national technical committee of Swedish Standards Institute (SIS) on Sustainable Urban Food Production, is the chair to SIS’s national technical committee on Sustainable and Smart Cities and Communities, works with European Committee for Standardization (CEN) on Smart and Sustainable Cities and Communities platform, ISO and IEC joint committee (JTC1) on Smart Cities and holds a chair with International Standard Organization (ISO) as technical committee member on Sustainable Development in Communities.

Camilla Weichert
Camilla WeichertMember
Camilla has extensive experience in Business Development for innovative solutions. With a Bachelor degree in Business Management from London South Bank University, she has a broad foundation and understanding of business strategies. The thesis was questioning sustainable business models and organisational structures for start-ups and was awarded two business awards.

In 2014, she had the opportunity to present Plantagon’s business model in a TEDx Talk, which today reached over 1500 views. Public speaking has also been conducted for audiences such as top Universities, private arrangements and Chinese delegations including the Chinese Ambassador, Mr. Lan Lijun

She served as a board member for Rotary’s youth organisation Rotaract Campus Stockholm between 2012-2013. During her time as International Chair, she was initiating a project to enhance sustainability and environmental awareness in the Rotary Organisation. The project was later presented for the Global President, Mr Sakuji Tanaka.

With a strong passion for the latest innovations and technology, she joined a Silicon Valley start-up to leverage her communication skills and interest for spreading new inventions.