Owe Pettersson
Owe PetterssonCEO
Owe Pettersson has 20 years experience from the insurance- and banking industry. He served as Vice President of Sampo Bank 2005 – 2007. He was Group Cash Manager at If Insurance 2000 – 2005, handling and developing international systems with an annual volume of USD 9 billion. Owe Pettersson also held positions as Relationship Manager and Sales Global Cash Manager at Danske Bank. Owe served as Chief Operating Officer at Plantagon from January 2010 until May 1st 2016 when he took the office as the present CEO of Plantagon.
Mia Kleregård
Mia KleregårdDeputy Chief Executive Officer
Mia Kleregård has over 20 years of international leadership experience. She has held several high strategic positions over the years within the business sector and also voluntarily due to her passion for social responsibility and to contribute to change the world to a better place.

For 12 years she was in the Board of Management in Apollo Resor AB, responsible for expanding in both in different destinations all over the world and in Norway. Moving back to Sweden in 2007, she was appointed Area Manager in Systembolaget AB before given the position as the head of the transformation in culture change of the company. By 2015 she started her own company as a speaker and mentor within leadership. To follow her curiosity she attended Singularity University in 2017 in Silicon Valley, USA.

Her knowledge has been rewarded and appreciated in several high level summits like the UN, within the area of bold leadership, innovation and future of technology.

Shrikant Ramakrishnan
Shrikant RamakrishnanGlobal Business Development Director
Shrikant Ramakrishnan has over 20 years of dedicated service in the airline, hospitality and real estate industries in the Middle East and Europe. Shrikant holds an MBA in International Marketing and International Law together with a M.M.S. in Marketing and Market Research. Shrikant comes from a family that since thirteen generations back holds the responsibility as heads of one of the oldest and ancient Indian temple trusts. Until June 2015 Shrikant Ramakrishnan held the title as the final signatory for that trust. Shrikant started to work for Plantagon in February 2009 and has been holding the office as Plantagon Global Business Development Director since November 2013.
Michele Di Dato
Michele Di Dato Executive Vice President
Michele Di Dato has extensive experience from the advertising industry and is the owner of BrandEmotional Response Group (BERG) in Stockholm. BERG is one of few Swedish advertising agencies who have been rated AAA by Dun & Bradstreet. Michele Di Dato has a long background in management and leadership and has held several positions as director both within the private and public sector as well as the voluntary sector. Michele Di Dato is a former professional ice hockey player and professional manager and has served as the sports manager for Djurgården Hockey. He now devotes much of his free time promoting good sportsmanship built on moral and ethical values within the sports movement. Michele Di Dato has served as Member of the Corporate Boards since January 2008.
Torbjörn Berglund
Torbjörn Berglund Chief Technology Officer
Torbjörn was responsible for the coordination of the Stockholm Waterfront Project, Stockholm´s smartest building according to many, dues to its very impressive energy solutions. The building has sealed double glass facades which become gigantic solar collectors for producing hot water. The building also uses “phase conversion technology” by storing 250 tonnes of water which every night partly freeze to ice and then is used as cooling for the building. An effective energy system requires coordination of many parameters in order to minimize the need for energy to the building, and hence cut the CO2 emissions emitted from it.


Joakim Rytterborn
Joakim RytterbornHead of Research and Development
Joakim Rytterborn leads Plantagon’s R&D processes, manages R&D organizations and ensures the transfer of new know-how and technology to staff, working-groups or departments.
Joakim has a degree in Project Management from Umeå School of Business and Economics and extensive experiences as supervisor and project manager in innovative development and construction projects. As Head of R&D Joakim works with research, development and implementation of methods for growing food in closed loop systems, smart energy systems and reutilization of urban resources. His expertise includes integration of connected systems within urban functions e.g. surplus energy, heat spillage, water efficient techniques and reuse of organic waste. Joakim as Plantagon’s technical-challenge-solver has a unique understanding of practical settings and solutions in the urban agriculture arena.
Sepehr Mousavi
Sepehr MousaviSustainability Strategist and Standardization Expert
Sepehr is a sustainability professional competent within areas of multidisciplinary planning, urban ecology, standardization as well as smart cities, energy-water-food (-waste) nexus and social responsibility. Holding two Masters degrees in Agroecology and Business Administration, multinational background and working experiences; all together provide him with an overall understanding of our global sustainability challenges for framework development and implementation of innovative solutions in urban settings with a systemic and holistic approach.
Sepehr joined Plantagon’s core team of professionals as an active member and ambassador and currently serves as Board Member of Plantagon Non-Profit Association.
He chairs the national technical committee of Swedish Standards Institute (SIS) on Sustainable Urban Food Production, is the chair to SIS’s national technical committee on Sustainable and Smart Cities and Communities, works with European Committee for Standardization (CEN) on Smart and Sustainable Cities and Communities platform, ISO and IEC joint committee (JTC1) on Smart Cities and holds a chair with International Standard Organization (ISO) as technical committee member on Sustainable Development in Communities.

Advisory Group

Mats Hellström
Mats Hellström Senior Advisor Trade & Agriculture
Mats Hellström is Former Minister of Foreign Trade, European and Nordic Affairs and Agriculture in various Swedish Cabinets between 1983–1991 and 1994–1996. He served as Sweden’s Ambassador to Germany in 1996–2001 and Governor of the Province of Stockholm in 2002–2006. Within his work, Mats is devoted to the promotion of sustainable innovation.
Madeleine Cæsar
Madeleine CæsarSenior Advisor Interaction Academics/Business
Madeleine Cæsar has a long experience of supporting and developing research institutes and cooperations between industries and universities. She is the chairperson of Mälardalen University, Sweden and was CEO of the Swedish Knowledge Foundation (The KK Foundation), established by the Swedish Parliament during 1999-2009. She was COO of the Foundation between 1995-1998 and was responsible for education and research programs. The Foundation supports higher education and research at Sweden’s university colleges and new universities. Madeleine is also on the board of the Interactive Institute, which is a research institute under the ownership of RISE Research Institutes of Sweden Holding AB, owned by the Swedish Government. During 1970-1995 Madeleine served at the Ministry of Industry and has been the head of the division for Industrial Research and Development. In 1992-1995 she was director and head of the division responsible for budget coordination and planning at the Ministry of Industry. She has been responsible for, and member of, several governmental committees concerning technical research and development. She also has also been on several boards of government owned technical development companies. Madeleine has a MSc in Economics and Business Administration from Stockholm University.
Fredrik Billing
Fredrik Billing Senior Advisor Business Development
Fredrik Billing holds a BA in Finance from Stockholm University and an MBA from the Stockholm School of Economics. Additionally, Fredrik has experiences from graduate education at Wharton Business School, private equity management training at EVCA, Lausanne, as well as activelly promoting the creation of new businesses at Chalmers Entrepreneur School. Fredrik is an experienced business coach with a successful track record in management, development and financing of innovative technology firms, with demonstrated competence in the cleantech sector. Fredrik is particularly involved in developing cleantech companies, and high-tech solutions that can be applied to minimize industrial and environmental problems. Fredrik has experience from working with the Stockholm Institute for Water and Air (IVL) and the affiliated Stockholm Environmental Technology Centre (SMTC), where he during a period of three years has done consultancy work as a business/innovation coach for environmental technology firms.
Mia Kristiansson
Mia KristianssonPlantagon Ambassador
Mia Kristiansson has a background being the senior media adviser for Bonnier, Channel 5 as well as advisor at one of the leading agencies specializing in advising significant media buyers. Mia has worked with media strategies for TV, multimedia, integrated communications and integrated marketing communications. She has a passion for media and media’s instrumental value in communications and operates and carries out analysis of media and communications through collecting, evaluating and analyzing large quantities of information. Today, Mia focus on creating scenarios for future media consumption, and describes media convergence in order to predict the development and establish a platform for communication strategies.
Thomas Malmer
Thomas MalmerSenior Advisor Academia/R&D
Thomas Malmer works to bridge science, politics and industry. He has great knowledge and experience of Swedish research and innovation systems and experience of how to build communication of science between different sectors. Thomas has worked on strategy and policy development in many sectors such as the university sector, life sciences, transport and environment / energy / cleantech. He has extensive experience in building partnerships and mutual learning between research, industry and politics, including the IVA and the Ministry of environment. Thomas has leadership experience from the private sector and NGO:s and serves as member of various company and organization boards. Today he is partner at the consultancy company Percipia AB.
Mikael Kullman
Mikael KullmanSenior Advisor Global Business Development
Mikael Kullman has 20 years of predominantly international experience working with clean tech and sustainable development in both the private sector as well as the public sector.Mikael joined Plantagon during the fall of 2012 as an advisor of business development for local and international markets. Mikael has recently worked as Attache at the Swedish Embassy in New Delhi, India, promoting business partnerships between Swedish and Indian actors in the clean tech area. With a Master of Science in Civil Engineering, Mikael has experience working as a consultant in the environment technology field at Sweco, where he also held the position as Managing Director for Sweco International for 5 years.
Mats Rönne
Mats Rönne Senior Advisor Brand Management
One of Sweden’s most respected brand and marketing professionals, with over 25 years of experience from both the client and agency side. After graduating from the London School of Economics and Political Science, Mats has during his career led the global brand strategy and brand development work at both Ericsson and Electrolux, and also worked with a variety of international clients in a range of board-level agency positions. He co-founded the international agency network BBN, as well as the Swedish advertising effectiveness competition “100-wattaren” and the Swedish chapter of IAA (the International Advertising Association). In return, the IAA designated him as one of their “Internationalists” in 2008 in recognition of international marketing excellence. Mats is also a former board director and chairman of Sveriges Annonsörer (the Association of Swedish Advertisers). Today, Mats puts his broad and extensive experience of brand, media and communications development to use as a consultant and speaker focusing on brand and marketing strategy, marketing effectiveness and media development. Mats is also a member of “Reklamombudsmannens Opinionsnämnd”, the independent trade body that determines whether advertising in Sweden meets public standard.