Tekniska Verken is a regional company that aims to create an efficient community that is sustainable in the long term. They have around 280,000 private and corporate clients who benefit from their products and services – electricity, water, district heating, district cooling, waste management, broadband and biogas.

  • Green energy from waste
  • High-quality water
  • Focus on infrastructure
  • Specialists in networks
  • Renewable electricity for the green market
  • Clean vehicle fuel for the environment
  • An energy-rich company

SymbioCity is a network of Swedish companies and organizations. It was founded on initiative by the Swedish Government and Swedish Industry. SymbioCity is administrated by Business Sweden, with offices in more than 60 countries around the world and with the headquarters situated in Stockholm

Åke Olsson
Åke OlssonInnovator
Åke Olsson, Innovator of the Plantagon Greenhouse concept, is an educated gardener and construction worker, blacksmith, mechanic and a farmer for 15 years. Åke was one of Sweden’s leading small-scale producer of ecological vegetables, wheat, corn, herbs, medical plants and decoration flowers. During Åke’s adult life he has been looking for, and developing, ideas that help mankind to take better care of each other and the Earth. So far, Åke’s innovations mainly concern sustainable development of transportation, housing, medical care, energy and planting. Åke challenges people who say things have to stay as they are, and instead look far into the future while reflecting on the consequences of how we choose to live today. “If we got ourselves here, we can get ourselves out of here!”, is one of his often used statements. Åke lives together with his wife Barbara in Oppdal, a Norwegian town north of the Capital Oslo. During his many years of professional planting, he experimented with the foundations for the Plantagon Greenhouse together with his team member Jan Andersson.