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    Enter straight into the core of Plantagon technology for Urban industrial Vertical Farming!
    Experience our lead project in Linköping, two hours south of the Swedish capital Stockholm.
    Welcome to see the exhibition displayed at Plantagon HQ in Stockholm.
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    Visit Exhibition

    With Google 360 View
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    World Food Building

    The WFB is our demonstration plant for the temperate zone, being built in Linköping, two hours south of Stockholm. It’s a 65 yard tall office building, producing /700 000 – /1 100 000 pounds of vegetables per year on the south façade. Play
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    Industrial Symbiosis

    Plantagon’s first demonstration plant is going to be built in Linköping. The building is a part of a clean tech cluster, and The demonstration plant is also a symbiotic system in itself. Play
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    Double Skin Facade

    One of the unique features with the Plantagon greenhouse is its façade. It makes it possible to maintain a controlled climate inside the greenhouse and is at the same time very energy efficient. Play
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    In a Plantagon greenhouse the plants grow in Pumice. The reasons for that are the fantastic properties when it comes to growing results and environmental effects. Play
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    Pumice has the unique ability that it could be reused over and over again. To ensure that no harmful bacteria or spores follow the pumice to the next crop, it has to be disinfected by using a microwave oven. Play
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    Plantagon has invented a transportation system for greenhouses that can increase the production per square meter. The invention consists of an expandable pot that allows spacing between plants in two dimensions. Play